Product Suitable for Halogen Stove Tops

What product can I use on my Halogen stove top?

Any flat bottom product that has a totally flat and smooth base may be used on a Halogen stove top. Do not use product that has an etched or step-cut bottom. Halogen stovetops require good contact between the pans and the surface of the stovetop. Always refer to the manufacturer of your stove top for instructions on product that is suitable to be used with Halogen stovetops.

Please also note that product with a painted, porcelain enamel exterior must never be overheated on a Halogen ceramic stovetop. Product of this type that is overheated may, in some instances, fuse to the surface of the ceramic stovetop requiring complete replacement of the stovetop.

You can preview product brands and lines meeting these recommendations via our online store at  PotsandPans. For any other type of product recommendation, please refer to the instructions included with your stove or contact the manufacturer of your stove for further guidelines regarding the best product choices to use with your cooktop.

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