Light Versus Dark Baking Pans

What is the difference between light and dark colored baking pans?
Whether to choose light baking pans or dark baking pans is mostly a decision of personal preference. However, there are a few things to consider when chosing your pan.

Light baking pans reflect heat, while dark pans tend to absorb it, which can make a difference in your baking.

If you want foods to brown on the bottom, reach for a darker metal sheet pans because dark pans will absorb more heat and therefore more heat will radiate off the surface. Use dark pans when baking pizza or crispy-edged potato wedges and roasted veggies, or foods which you'll want to brown. If you opt to use dark pans, you may want to reduce both the suggested heat and the baking time by 25 percent. Place the pan on the center rack and check it frequently.

When you want foods to bake more evenly all over and you don't want to promote too much browning on the bottom, you should opt for a lighter metal pan that will absorb less heat. Use lighter pans for cakes and cookies. Purchase lighter cake pans to ensure your cakes won't brown too quickly on the edges before they're baked through.

Once you're accustomed to the differences in how the two types of pans work, you can make any necessary adjustments and use either type successfully.

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