Product For Glass/Ceramic Cooktops

What type of product will work with glass or ceramic cook tops?

We recommend using any stainless steel product that is made with the full cap base. Make sure to choose product that is medium to heavy weight as thinner pans may warp and not work effectively on your stovetop. It's important to match the burner size as closely to the pan size as possible when cooking. Your product should have flat bottoms for effective heat transfer.

Plain aluminum or hard anodized aluminum product are also suitable for glass or ceramic cooktops, but may leave metal marks and/or residues on your stovetop that appear to be scratches. Porcelain or Enamel product are also suitable with these type cook tops. Please note that product with rough bottoms can mark or scratch the cooktop surface. DO NOT slide or drag your product on the surface. Glass, copper bottom and cast iron product are NOT recommended for use on glass cooktops.

Please also note that product with a painted, porcelain enamel or colored exterior must never be overheated on a glass/ceramic stovetop. Product of this type that is overheated may, in some instances, fuse to the surface of the stovetop requiring complete replacement of the stovetop.

Always follow the product icons on the outside of your packaging for stovetop recommendations your product is suitable for.

You can preview product brands and lines meeting these recommendations via our online store at  PotsandPans. For any other type of product recommendation, please refer to the instructions included with your stove or contact the manufacturer of your stove for further guidelines regarding the best product choices to use with your cooktop.

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